Pulse Module "Super Torque".

Manufacturer Standards:

1. Case dimensions: 80mm*50mm*75mm.
2. Materials: the body is made of solid-rolled aluminum profile with a minimum internal thickness of the body walls of 2.7 mm;
covers with grooves for fastenings are made of heat-resistant acrylic 5mm thick,
The minimum internal thickness of the lid walls is 2.5 mm.
3. Housing coating, color: the housing is painted matte black,
applying paint using powder spraying.
4. On one cover there is an LED indicator and a switching connector with a lock.
5. On the other cover there is an information medium with a serial number and information about the Manufacturer.
6. On the case, on both sides, a trademark, logo,
device name, model name/operational purpose, voltage parameters.
7. Complete set: the kit includes two-wire switching from a certified cable with a clamp and an external fuse in a separate housing.
8. Weight: 400 grams.
9. Current consumption: up to 200mA.

The standards apply to all models of the Super Torque Pulse Module.

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