Registration Form

this is the main document with the regulations for the mandatory work of the FPDtech-Service Center and basic data on the operational condition of the User’s vehicle.

Explanation of the Registration Form items:

  1. A visual inspection of the engine compartment and a general survey of the User (timing and frequency of preventive maintenance) is carried out for a preliminary assessment of the operational condition of the User’s vehicle.

2. In accordance with the Purpose, the “Super Torque” Pulse Module is a device for operating in 12v and 24v automotive electrical networks by interacting with a mechanical AC Generator and a DC Rechargeable Battery: checking the serviceability and current performance of the power generation system is carried out first.

3. Diagnostics of vehicle system errors allows you to identify Critical Errors “C”, “P”, “U”, which put the vehicle systems into emergency/increased fuel dosage mode.

4. Indicators of fuel corrections, mass air flow and oxygen sensor reflect the current efficiency of the vehicle fuel system.

5. Standardized components of vehicle exhaust gases are objective indicators of the efficiency of the vehicle fuel system, the growth of which is confirmed by changes in the percentage content of CO, CH, CO2 and O2, namely: reduction of CH, reduction of CO2 and reduction of O2 consumption.

6. General data of the User’s vehicle constitutes the basis for activation of the Manufacturer’s Warranty obligations and the joint and several Warranty obligations of the Representative.


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