from an engineering point of view this is the purpose and effectiveness of the Technology Product Pulse Module "Super Torque". Purpose.

The “Super Torque” Pulse Module was created in 2016 and, in accordance with the Patent Description, is designed to operate in 12v and 24v automotive electrical networks and interacts with the Electromechanical AC Generator and the DC Rechargeable Battery (Battery).

Main purpose:
supply of electrical impulses to the power supply system of an automobile Vehicle (VV) with a fuel Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).
The Pulse Impact on the Rotor Coil of the Electromechanical AC Generator increases the generation efficiency/performance/EMF, Electromotive Force, AC, Alternating Current, and leads to a reduction in the power load on the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine during the entire period of operation of the Pulse Module:
due to this effect, the internal combustion engine reduces the consumption of Torque Torque for the generation of AC EMF; proportionally, the Fuel Consumption for the production of Torque is reduced in total.
A decrease in the Torque consumption for the generation of AC EMF occurs on the Crankshaft of the internal combustion engine and leads to the transmission through the Transmission of a larger value of Torque to the Rotation of the Vehicle Wheels – to an increase in the Motive Force without increasing the Fuel Consumption for its creation and is expressed by a change (increase) in the dynamic parameters of the internal combustion engine.
Pulsing the battery increases the performance, voltage stability and service life of the Battery.
Pulse Module “Super Torque”
determined through increasing the efficiency of the Electricity Generation System of a fuel vehicle
and has Fuel, Dynamic and Ecological manifestations,
which is expressed by Comparative Measurement Figures:
– Reducing Fuel consumption, where
average value
Reduce Fuel Consumption
is 20%;
– Increased dynamic parameters of the internal combustion engine Torque and Motive Force;
– Reducing Exhaust Toxicity indicators.
Foundation of FPDtech Technology
this is always only Objective Information confirming the effectiveness of the “Super Torque” Pulse Module, which is disclosed in detail

Algorithms and Methodology for Testing Efficiency
operation of the “Super Torque” Pulse Module and
Examples of comparative measurements; look
section “Fuel efficiency”;
section “Dynamic efficiency”;
section “Environmental efficiency: changes in exhaust gas indicators.”

Detailed full explanation of the FPDtech Principle watch
Section “Explanation of the Principle of Technology”.

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