What technology provides

For Pragmatists

is always the MATERIAL RESOURCES that can be saved by the operation of the Super Torque Pulse Module.

For the User:

FUEL SAVING Personal Vehicle (VV) and FUEL for Commercial/Office/Public Vehicles; increasing the service life of batteries, oils, catalysts And INCREASED VEHICLE MOVEMENT DYNAMICS - The most Emotionally Powerful Advantage of technology.

For Society:

IMPROVING ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY Fuel Motor Transport, namely, REDUCTION, several times, OXYGEN CONSUMPTION O2 and, associated with it, REDUCTION, several times, CO2 EMISSIONS; REDUCING CH toxin EMISSIONS to a minimum, and, in total, REDUCING TOTAL HYDROCARBON EMISSIONS as a direct consequence of reduced fuel consumption.

For Everyone:

the most VALUABLE resource is TIME, which is released for you by the MATERIAL RESOURCES YOU SAVE.

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