ADVANTAGES of the Super Torque Pulse Module.

Investment Advantage
this is the payback period of the module
5-25 WEEKS:
unique Cost Efficiency of the FPDtech Product, which means that
Your Money Returns and Provides a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Operational Benefits:
1. Modularity: connection of a ready-to-use device that DOES NOT REQUIRE any CONSTRUCTION CHANGES or MECHANICAL INTERVENTION into the operation of the fuel systems of the Vehicle, as well as no additional adjustments and/or forced changes in the settings of monitoring and control systems.
2. Simple and fast connection: the average time to connect the Module to the vehicle power supply system does not exceed 20 minutes; At the same time, the Manufacturer notifies that the connection of the Module must be carried out by a professional auto electrician.
3. Compactness: the dimensions of the Module allow, when connected, to easily place the Module in the engine compartment.
4. Reliability: The module is resistant to liquids and is adapted to work in the aggressive environment of the engine compartment.
5. Confirmed operational life: 6 years.
6. Manufacturer’s warranty period: 1 year.

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