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FPD TECH Protocols

FPDtech protocols are documents defining the rights, duties, responsibilities and procedures for interaction between all parties, namely:– User-Representative;– User-Producer;– Manufacturer-Representativeand other official FPDtech Documents. Basic definitions.– User:an individual who made a payment to the Official Representative of FPDtech for the purchase of a “Super Torque” Pulse Module, designed to operate in 12v and 24v electrical …

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   The patent contains information about the copyright holders who determine the Official Manufacturer. Note: link to the state registration resource here Currently, the status of “Official Manufacturer” has IP “Tleukhan”, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Technical Regulations

this is the main document defining the interaction between by FPDtech Service Center specialists and the User’s Vehicle. The main purpose of the Technical Regulations: 1. Achieving the best possible results from the operation of the “Super Torque” Pulse Module on the User’s vehicle by eliminating destructive factors identified through obtaining up-to-date information about the …

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Registration Form

this is the main document with the regulations for the mandatory work of the FPDtech-Service Center and basic data on the operational condition of the User’s vehicle. Explanation of the Registration Form items: 2. In accordance with the Purpose, the “Super Torque” Pulse Module is a device for operating in 12v and 24v automotive electrical …

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Exhaust gas measurement protocol

this is an official document reflecting the algorithm for carrying out measurements and description of vehicle classes. The protocol for measuring standardized components of vehicle exhaust gases in accordance with ST RK is here.

Agency Agreement Program

The Program provides the User with the opportunity to receive a monetary reward for providing services to provide potential Users with reliable information about the operation and benefits of the “Super Torque” Pulse Module.Terms of the Agency Agreement Program.1.Participation in the Program is voluntary and begins with the signing of an Agreement for the provision …

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Agreement on the provision of Agency services

form of the Agreement on the provision of Agency services between the User and the Representative here have entered into this Agreement for the provision of Agency services for the dissemination of reliable information in order to attract potential FPDtech Users. Agent_______________Last name First name__________signature Representative_________________Last name First name___________signature___________seal ADDENDUM: The Agent gives consent, confirmed …

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Partnership Agreement

This is an Agreement on the rights and obligations of two Parties: “Manufacturer” and “Representative”. This Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the “Partnership Agreement” or simply “Agreement”, is entered into between the Official Manufacturer FPDtech, hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturer, _______________________, on one side, and the legal/individual entity ___________________, hereinafter referred to as the …

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Reduced price program

The Program provides the User with the opportunity to purchase the “Super Torque” Pulse Module at a discount.Condition for receiving a discount of 18%under the Reduced Price Program. Before installing the “Super Torque” Pulse Module, independently measure the actual fuel consumption of the User’s vehicle.Algorithm for taking measurements:

Terms of use

this is a Treaty on Rights and Mutual Obligationstwo sides “User-Representative”,arising when purchasing and using the “Super Torque” Pulse Module. Article 1.The user has the right:1.1. receive a receipt when paying for the “Super Torque” Pulse Module;1.2. receive the “Super Torque” Pulse Module in good condition, namely, be personally present when checking the serviceability of …

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