Welcome to the Official website of FULL POWER DRIVE technology, Technologies for Economy and Resource Conservation of Fuel Vehicles,and the “Super Torque” Pulse Module Technology Product.

The uniqueness of FPDtech is that the main value here is OBJECTIVE INFORMATION – Open, Verifiable, Accessible to Everyone -capable of leading to a decision based on Common Sense, Pragmatism and Logic.

At FPDtech you immediately receive complete answers to your questions “What benefits does the technology bring”, “Due to what”, “How difficult is it to install/use”, “How much does it cost and how to buy it”, “How to check it”, “What guarantees does the Manufacturer give”, “How are User rights protected “

Answering these questions is the essence of the work that the FPDtech team has been doing since 2016 and continues to do every day: we record the results, conclusions can be drawn anyone wants, the decision is made by everyone personally.
Information about Technology should follow the canons of engineering science and comply with the traditions of the language and style of presenting the material, but… we still added the “Brief” button to those sections where we considered it necessary…. in order to get acquainted with Technology was the beginning of an interesting and exciting journey for you.

Best regards, FPDtech team.

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